1. All projects must be created during the hackathon.
  2. Submissions start when the hackathon starts, May 20, 5 PM PDT, and end May 22, 2 PM PDT.
  3. Hackers may begin formulating ideas beforehand, but all code must be written within the allotted submission hours (2).
  4. Teams may not use any sort of website or app "builder" to build their projects (ex. Typedream, WordPress, etc.).
  5. Frameworks are allowed.

Code of Conduct

ML Hacks is designed to create a friendly, open environment where hackers feel safe and can collaborate freely. As such, we do not condone any of the following:

  • Bullying/harassment of any kind

  • Sexual language or imagery

  • Behavior that targets any person's race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical appearance, disability, or experience 

  • Tampering with anyone else's projects without their knowledge/consent

  • Cheating

  • Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct will be immediately removed from the event and will forfeit their swag and prizes, even if they win.

Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated. Please report to the staff if any member makes you feel uncomfortable and the administration will sort it out to their discretion.

All participants, including attendees, organizers, mentors, volunteers, sponsors, etc. are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct. ML Hacks may take any action appropriate in the event that anyone within the community partakes in harassing behavior. Consequences may range from warnings to expulsion from the community as a whole as well as from all future events.  


If you are being harassed or feel uncomfortable with any member of the ML Hacks community, or believe there may otherwise be any violation of the code of conduct, please report the incident immediately by contacting us via email at mlhacks.22@gmail.com.